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FABULOUS work! Nick was very knowledgeable. Miracle Clean is a very professional service. I am happy to be a customer.”

Jerry Hingle, New Orleans


“The cleaning was GREAT! They were right on time.”

Rhonda Foret, Covington


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“One word PERFECT! Jason was there when I needed him and he did a beautiful job.”

Karoon Davajian, New Orleans


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“Miracle Clean did a great job with my Oriental Rug. Jason did everything he said he would do and he was prompt."

Bill Fox, Mandeville



Buckling Carpet and Bad Seams Problems Fixed

When your carpet reaches a few years of age, it’s common to need minor repairs.  A professional can restore problems like buckled carpet, bad seams, or even burn marks. 

Once the proper repairs are made and your carpet is fresh and clean, you’ll enjoy like-new carpet and avoid paying for costly new flooring.  It’s just makes sense to maintain your carpet the best way possible.

Carpet Buckling or Rolling

If your carpet has developed buckles, we can re-stretch it to make it look great and long longer.  We simply stretch your carpet back.  Sometimes this is the result of poor installation, but it can also be a result of carpet age.

Cigarette Burns

If your carpet has been burned, we use a patching system to repair the burned area.

Ugly Seams Can Be Fixed

Seams can eventually degrade and come apart.  This not only looks bad, but it can lead to premature carpet replacement.  We can fix your seams to make it look almost as good as when it was first installed.

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You can get all these cleaning services:

If you have stubborn odors, our profesional Odor Control processes can help. If your home or office has been affected by water, damage can be minimized with Water Damage Restoration services.

If your carpet needs Carpet Repair, we do that too.  And if you’re health conscious about the way your home is cleaned (we are too), we have a program specifically for cleaning for Healthier Living.